To be clear, I'm just attempting to get a complete idea of the potential lifecycle of a proposal, which includes it being closed. I'm looking for a complete list of vote-to-close and auto-close reasons on Area 51. I've searched around, and been unable to find a this information. clearly if I was able to vote-to-close I'd be able to click the vote-to-close button, and see a list of reasons; clearly I don't have the rep to be able to do that, just pointing out that's one of the places I attempted to find the info; though I did find the info stating 2000+ rep is needed to vote-to-close.


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These are the close reasons listed under each proposal.

Why should this proposal be closed?

  • duplicate of proposal
    This proposal covers the same ground as another proposal; it would tend to drain audience from another Stack Exchange site.
  • duplicate of site
    This proposal would tend to drain audience from an existing Stack Exchange site.
  • poorly defined
    This proposal does not clearly state who might use the site, or what questions would be on-topic.
  • content violation
    This proposal has high potential to violate the Stack Exchange Content Policy.
  • not a real proposal
    This proposal will not result in a useful, productive, or viable Q&A site.

Proposals are also subject to deletion if they receive absolutely no activity for a month or more (i.e. abandoned proposals).


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