From the first comment for this answer, I take that a proposal that has been closed doesn't appear anymore in the user profile of the committers, who then wonder why the proposal is not listed.

When a proposal has been closed, it should still be listed in the user profile for who committed. It could be listed in the same place as it was listed before, with "[closed]" added at the end of the proposal title, or moved at the end of the proposal list, in a separate section of the list that lists the closed proposals.

To make a comparison, on a Stack Exchange site I am still able to see a question I asked in my user profile, even when the question has been closed; I will not be able to see it when the question is deleted, and I am not a moderator on that site.

+1 The way it works currently just inflamed the situation given the lack of consultation about the decision and its inconsistency. – Verbeia Dec 14 '11 at 7:01

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