Proposal: Stack Overflow (in Turkish)

Area51'de tanım aşamasında, sitenin içeriğini belirleyen sorular sorulması öneriliyor ve önerilen sitelerdeki yöneticiler, cevapların daha sonra verilmesi, şu anda soruları geliştirecek yorumlar girilmesi gerektiğini tavsiye ediyorlar.

Bence de tanım aşamasındaki bir öneri için cevap vermekten ziyade güzel sorular belirlemek daha uygun olacaktır. Zaten dikkat ederseniz "answer" değil "comment" yazıyor. Site Beta aşamasına geçebilirse sorulara cevap verme seçeneği oluşacak.

Sizin fikriniz nedir?

Google Translate says:

Area51'de definition phase, determining the content of the site is recommended to ask questions, and proposed sites, administrators, and then give answers, comments should be entered at this time to develop the questions are recommended.

I think rather than to respond to a proposal to phase in the definition is more appropriate to determine the good questions. If that is already "answer" not "comment" writes. Beta site can pass through the stage of the option to respond to the questions will be formed.

What is your opinion?

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Just a guess (see my comment above):

If you're asking, "Should the example questions be answered by comments?" then the answer is No. Example questions are just that—examples. Comments should be inquiries and discussions about the example, not answers to it.

I've gone through the proposal and tried to remove comments that were simply answers.

Thank you for the reply. I'm sorry that I didn't write the proper translation for it but your guess is correct. I didn't realize the audience of the question was all Area51 community, I thought it was specific to the proposed site's community. Thanks for deleting the answers but I see that you also deleted some comments written to improve the questions which are not actually answers :( Such as the ones below questions with "operator overloading". – petrichor Nov 20 '11 at 12:59

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