Proposal: Pastafarianism has many extremely relevant questions that received so many downvotes that are at the bottom of the list. None of those questions have any comment as to why the downvote.

This interferes with the process of flushing out the best questions, as the downvoters don't target the questions so much as they target the proposal.

People who are genuinely interested in questions getting better, usually leave comments and follow the proposal.

I can see two ways:

  • Each downvote should require a comment. The comment can the be used to improve the question and make it better.

  • In order to downvote a question, you have to follow the proposal. This seems very obvious to be. When we donnvote with the purpose of improving the questions, we do so for the proposals we care about, and so, we follow them.

I am torn on the idea of requiring a comment on downvotes. I can see that sometimes that might lead to retaliations. However, the comments should be at least strongly encouraged.

Thus I suggest that voting on a proposal (both up and down) should be disabled unless you follow that proposal. And if you stop following a proposal, then your votes shouldn't count any more.

How many times does this have to be explained? No. This will have no useful effect, and destroy the validity of both votes and commentary on a question and an answer. It's been status-declined on Meta for longer than I've been around. – Nij Mar 30 at 18:24
Your thought has been discussed multiple times. There are valid reasons for not implementing it. You may be interested in Should the down vote limit be the same as the up vote limit? – James Jenkins Mar 31 at 14:36

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