Proposal: Arabic language (اللغة العربية)

Hello, I wonder if as a site for people learning a language, other languages different to English or Arabic may be allowed or not. Please note that there might be lots of people that are learning Arabic --and therefore not able to read it properly-- and might not understand English enough to learn Arabic properly reading English explanations and maybe grammar equivalencies. I think if there is a strict English-only policy, maybe the site won't have a critical mass of users and won't be born ever. The problems from having other languages might be dealt with tag-per-language or a similar method. Don't you think so?

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The rule for every site on Stack Exchange is English language only, with two exceptions,

  • the "Stack Overflow in ..." sites. These have been established by fiat, and no additional sites of this form are currently being accepted.

  • the "... Language" sites. These allow the use of the language stated, in addition to English. Other languages must be excluded to ensure the site can be effectively moderated by the entire community, by the moderators, and curated by the Stack Exchange staff.

Opening up a site to three or more unrelated languages will simply not work. If you can't get enough users to establish a community in that form, the other option is no community, and that's it so far as every announcement on Area 51 has gone.


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