Proposal: Housework

Is this any different than Life Hacks? On the surface it seems to be but looking at the example questions and thinking about the types of questions that will end up here, it really seems to be exactly the same, or at least a proper subset of LH. It seems like this will all just be posters who don't know that a product exists / can't come up with a solution to a cleaning or laundry task, asking about other solutions, which is exactly the Life Hacks site.

This came up before, though I can't find the duplicate question. Basically, "Lifehacks" focuses on cheap, clever, and alternative ways to do things. "Housework" focuses on the best way to do things. – Mark Mar 17 at 1:19
@Mark I see. That seems like a reasonable distinction. I wonder if there are enough housekeeping-related things to do + best ways to do them to keep the content flowing long term. – Jason C Mar 17 at 1:29
I thought it's little bit similar but not a duplicate – geomars Mar 18 at 0:36

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