Following an answer to The description suggests that effective altruism is only about donations suggesting that the focus on "Effective Altruism" may be too narrow, I propose that people post suggestions for updating the proposals' name as answers.

Votes will determine the winner.

Proposal: Effective Altruism

Not sure if you are aware of the 1 year policy, baring a significant event, this proposal is going to get closed in the next couple of weeks. You can then relaunch with whatever name and description you think will do better. Also related Notifications for closed proposals? – James Jenkins Mar 20 at 12:40
Thans @JamesJenkins. I was not aware of the policy. It's a pity for this proposal, but I understand the rational behind the policy. If it's eventually closed, I may try a reboot. – Martin Van der Linden Mar 20 at 14:34
Rebooting a proposal early is better then later. If you do it in the first 30 days. You can ping (post a comment) under every question on the old proposal encouraging users to post to the new proposal. With the current area51 model, this is best (only?) way leverage on what was completed in the last year. Based on where the proposal is today, a strong reboot has a really good chance of getting to the commitment phase on reboot. – James Jenkins Mar 20 at 15:16

The status-quo:

Effective Altruism



(random stuff to comply with the "minimum number of character in the body of an answer" requirement)


Better World

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