Proposal: Case CATalyst Help

I think it's fantastic that Stenograph wants to get active on Stack Exchange, it's certainly a much better avenue for support (and archiving) than Facebook. However, I think that limiting the site to "CaseCAT Help" is too narrow a scope.

Stenography and court reporting is already a pretty small community, it doesn't seem logical to divide up an entire site to just the one application. Why not make a general purpose "Stenography" website and organize the software through use of tags?

This also provides a more natural location for non-software-related questions, like those wondering about briefs for a certain phrase, when looking at alternative theories, or trying to figure out the pros and cons of conflict and AI usage.

Another loss with the "Case CATalyst Help" name is lack of discoverability. It will only be found by people who use Case CAT or when looking for support through the Stenograph website (presumably). We will not be able to attract anyone who is simply curious about steno; Stack Exchange seems like a big opportunity for recruiting new students to the profession.

Stack Exchange communities are rarely limited to one piece of software. They are really meant to be a general topic and the community specifies as needed.

As a disclaimer, I have some bias: I develop Plover for free as a hobby, and as such I have a strong interest in spreading stenography regardless of software, hardware, and theory choices.

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The only way to make this happen is to propose a more-rounded site about "stenography" specifically to test your premise.

If you think a stenography site is preferable, propose it. We had a similar problem in the CMS (content management systems) space. Folks argued that someone (else) should build a catch-all, generic content-management-system site, but there was very little interest in rallying support to that outcome. Eventually, the specific software-package communities garnered enough support to create many sites for their packages only. Wordpress, Joomla!, Craft CMS, Sitecore, Tridion — we now have quite a few detailed (but separate) sites in the CMS space.

Thanks for the input Robert! I appreciate the examples as well, and will reiterate what I touched upon in my post where "stenography is already a very small community". It is magnitudes smaller than WordPress alone and I believe that in order to meet StackExchange requirements we'll need more than just one slice of that community. – Ted Morin Mar 10 at 15:35

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