Proposal: Maple

Why start a Maple Stack Exchange site when the MaplePrimes forum already exists?

I don't necessarily want to repeat the conversation that is happening on MaplePrimes, but it would still be interesting to discuss the merits of having a Maple Stack Exchange site here.

Moreover, it would also be interesting to hear from anyone that is a follower of both the Mathematica Stack Exchange and the Wolfram Community - Do you find that having both available is beneficial?

For me personally, it is simple: I have been using maple for ten years and occasionally searched for answers to some questions on google and I did not come up with good answers. – Phira Mar 16 at 20:17

Well, I am using MMA SE for over three years. It is very easy to search, chat and get a quick response on SE sites. On SE sites, it is very highly likely you will get an answer to your question even before asking (relevant search). I am also using MaplePrime for more than 10 years, the website is always very slow. It happens time to time that old Q&A are lost or quite hard to search.

Apart from all of this, a Maple SE site will attract more crowd and will help to build a strong literature.

Am I making any sense?

Forgot to mention. Because of MMA SE, I am learning Mathematica quickly, otherwise, it was a lost cause.


MaplePrimes is the special place that all members have at least one of maplesoft products !

but i believe there must be a free public place so that all the user around world with advantage of simple and versatile user account of stackexchange can engage with the power of maple and expert coders to evaluate it !

indeed if they found that maple is an excellent tool for solving math problems in comparison with other sections of stackexchange ! they will choose maple as their solution and professionally join to ?

Space before punctuation? – Therkel Mar 9 at 18:37
Yes i do here after – Fereydoon Shekofte Mar 9 at 19:02

I was too busy to create this discussion and I am glad that someone brought it up. Well, I thought maybe it's a good idea to use the existing resources and build something on top of it. Ideally, if the owners of MaplePrimes agree to merge their site into stackexchange network, it would be beneficial for both parties. And this is not an odd thing and has happened before for mathoverflow. Just take a look at the post I linked.

Meanwhile, I am contacting one of my dear friends who works at MapleSoft to discuss the idea.


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