Proposal: Air Quality Modeling

I found a beta community: It has several questions related to WRF and CMAQ. We may want to search other stack exchange sites to determine if there are other communities that already exist that currently serve air quality modeling users. Other potentially relevant sites include:

Here is a discussion on the pros/cons of merging discussions

Indeed, there is nothing on an Air Quality Modelling site which is not already served by at least ibe existing community. Further, since the guideline is that a site should approximate the subject of roughly a university department, and this is well below that level, I fail to see how it will survive as a community any better than the existing communities would be improved by the inclusion there. – Nij Mar 7 at 0:23
I agree with Nij, there would probably be more success if the site was broadened to something like "atmospheric science" or "environmental modeling".... or just encourage air quality modelers to use the existing Earth Science site which has been in beta for quite some time and needs more users/activity. – farrenthorpe Mar 9 at 0:07
There are 1600 people on the CMAS listserv alone, averaging about 20-25 new members per month over the past few years. I've approached the CAMx and WRF-Chem support admins about joining in this group. We can also expand to the global modeling community. Let's see what kind of numbers we get during the trial period before we jump to conclusions. Re: approximating the subject of a university dept, there are many environmental/earth science and meteorology programs in which air quality is a major component of the curriculum and research funding. – Zac Adelman Mar 9 at 3:34
@ZacAdelman I hope you are right. In my experience the hard part is getting people to vote (which requires logging in) on questions that aren't directly related to them... as opposed to just viewing page content. – farrenthorpe Mar 9 at 4:57

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