Proposal: Organisational Improvement

Participate in a Q&A regarding organisational improvement methodologies.

There is a whole lot of these, and each of them has a vast knowledge repository. Knowledge about methods and tools, and about the history of methods and tools. Most of these fall under the category of improvement and change in terms of process management in organizations.

Some of the process management methodologies:

This knowledge is quite often difficult to learn on your own and can benefit from Q&A that will enrich the knowledge by people who have some experience with it. Simpler explanations of these topics are also hard to come by, and the amount of different tools and their uses to improve organizations is extensive.

While most of these methods and tools have seen use in industries such as manufacturing, health care, and even public service. Recently many of these are also moving into creating methods of work for StartUps and technology organizations. Unfortunately, people in these organizations rarely had any contact with the theory, and are meeting it for the first time - where guidance and answering questions can really help coming from people who have more experience and knowledge.

And what is great about it, is that there is a LOT of overlap across the various methods and process management ideas. So this site can allow for cross-pollination to happen. For example, to see Lean featured in a question about Six Sigma and vice versa.


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