Proposal: Google

In my opinion, This site should be renamed to Alphabet, see here, Alphabets became the parent of google and Former Google CEO, Larry Page become CEO of Alphabet. So the Parent brand has been changed and some projects under Google is migrated to Alphabet.

For more details, read the Wikipedia Article :

What purpose would this new name serve for people who search for information on google products? – Phira Mar 7 at 8:54
Google has made itself as a sub of Alphabet – Sagar V Mar 7 at 8:55
This is a repetition of your statement and not an answer to my question. – Phira Mar 7 at 18:42

Google is still the owner of the products, even if google is owned by someone else. Considering:

Alphabet -> Google -> Android

Alphabet owns google, but google owns Android. Android shouldn't be renamed Google because it is owned them, should it?


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