I see two options for a scope expansion that might help be able to help this site further progress...

  1. Expand the name to be something like Transportation Enthusiasts, such that it'd at least incorporate flight, car, and other systems. That might draw a few extra followers, and invite a bit more activity in what would probably be modestly interesting topics for most.
  2. There is also an http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/100985/urban-planning Proposal that similarly might well be served with a wider scope. I suggested they rename it Infrastructure Considerations, as that'd greatly expand related topics. If so, questions about actual rail would fit great there. On the other hand, miniatures of course wouldn't. If that is a large part of the audience (I don't have any real familiarity with the hobbyist aspect to gauge it, but it seems it's definitely a large passion for at least a certain cross-section), a separate home might be found in one of the current or future hobbyists categories. I'm not particularly in advocacy of breaking up communities of like-minded people. It just seems too much passion on intense specializing may rob many of these interesting communities of existence at all, and if these alignments can prevent that, all the best.

Hope there's something constructive to these, and that this/these sites get rolling!

Proposal: Railways and Railroads

I would prefer Transport Enthusiasts to splitting into different scope for "real" railways and models. – Linkan Feb 27 at 14:13
Understandable... and honestly the better option in my mind as well. – JeopardyTempest Feb 27 at 15:21

As I pointed out in my post here, getting a site past beta means helping people stumble into the community. The way to do that with is with google. That is how I ended up finding Stack Overflow, which was my gateway to Worldbuilding, which was the gateway to other SE communities.

Here is the google search traffic. If Urban Planning > Municipal Planning, then Urban Planning >>> Infrastructure Considerations.

I think that almost all infrastructure considerations are part of 'Urban' (really municipal) planning. I've contributed to some transportation mode questions on Sustainable Living.SE that could fit at such a site.

I think that the Urban planning name is the best, and that our scope should include all sorts of infrastructure, zoning, etc, whether urban or rural.

Well, I didn't find StackExchange network by searching a title topic, but by specific questions that hit in Google... as it likely is with most people. Now indeed, that doesn't work for a proposal... but it's not like the search term Urban Planning hits SE highly. Communities have developed with very quirky names just fine. Put urban planning in the description and I'd think it'd still hit when "urban planning stackexchange" is searched. And once questions start in beta stage, having more and varying questions\activity is as important to search hits as the overall name. – JeopardyTempest Mar 3 at 1:25
What I am most interested in for this site is questions about model railways and real trains as models. I would never think about urban planning as a site for that. – Linkan Mar 3 at 5:51
Seems transport enthusiasts is a fairly friendly idea, but that including the more controversial split up is souring interest. – JeopardyTempest Mar 11 at 11:59

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