Proposal: Georgia Tech OMSCS Program

I feel that someone should mention, for those not familiar with how StackExchange sites work, what the benefit of having one is.

First, the goal is to build a place where we can go to ask questions and find answers. The most important thing about the site however, is that it attempts to build a knowledge base that makes it easy for users to find the answers they need without actually having to create more questions.

How does it do that?

It uses many devices to do that, but one example is that when you try to create a new question, it prompts you to enter the title. Then using the title, it searches the already existing questions and shows you a list of the questions with similar titles. This helps because if you did not already search for an answer before asking your question, the site does it for you! This helps to prevent duplicate questions and makes it very easy for the user to use the site.

It does the same thing when you add your description. The more details you add in your question, the more likely it is to find a duplicate if one exists.

Another way that this site will help over a FAQ, is that it is very easy for users to add additional answers to questions. Sure a FAQ has one answer to a question and that is great. But by having multiple answers and allowing users to vote up new answers, you can have a new answer replace the previous without any interaction from the FAQ builder.

Multiple answers also will allow for new discoveries to be made. For instance, someone may ask how to register for a class and they may have 2-3 responses for how to do that. IT might be new information to some that one can register for a class by appending the class id to a URL and skipping the searching.

The site also has tools to allow users with more experience answering questions to mark questions as duplicate, or unanswerable. This is very different than Google+. It is designed to help users who are asking the questions find the duplicate questions, and it also does not pollute the space as their own question will be closed.

Finally the site encourages people to visit and answer questions, and in my opinion, it makes it fun.


This proposal is for a single program at a single college - that is far too localized.

Is it though? How many users does one need on the internet? I mean, would something for Coursera be to localized? – nycynik Feb 27 at 17:33
@nycynik - one for Coursera alone ought to be too localized. For all MOOCs? That could work. Academia.SE, though, should cover all of that: – warren Feb 27 at 19:42
I agree with @warren. Your propose is more suitable for the stackoverflow Enterprise version, if you really want to use this platform. – User552853 Mar 23 at 10:51
@User552853 - does SE Enterprise still exist? – warren Mar 23 at 13:22
The website for the service is up, so I guess the answer is yes. :) – User552853 Mar 24 at 6:16
Interesting - didn't know they'd brought a private edition back – warren 2 days ago

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