What is the recourse when a SE Beta site starts generating more and more off topic content and:

  • moderators do not do much about it
  • also in cases when the content is from moderators

How can this be corrected?

Also if the Moderators are not experts in the particular site, what can be done about it? Their content will naturally will not be expert content. In addition when this happens this content cannot be easily moderated.


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You're a bit all over the place and in the wrong place to ask about it. If you have a specific, actionable concern (preferably with examples that can be discussed), you can raise the issue on meta.stackexchange.com. But know that vague charges about how everybody's doing it wrong or something is wrong on the Internet are generally not well received. This is a group dynamic and any one person can only play their small part. – Robert Cartaino Feb 15 at 13:37

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