Proposal: Crowdfunding platforms

I've seen generally that some related (but not similiar) proposals are closed:

While Others have seen light, though with clear different focus:

In general do you think the topic is broad and popular enough to attract interest? Actually I see dozen of questions (mostly about kickstarter) on how to do a nice crowdfunding campaign. So I think it is, and it actually require a lot of expertise to be sure a correct answer can be done. There are even entire web portals about that topic and crowdfunding sites forums are pretty active, so I though that would be a nice entry to SE.

I'm affraid most answer to a crowdfunding question will be opinion based and as such not a good fit for a StackExchange site. – Tensibai Feb 13 at 15:29
Mmm.. well unless it become a "campaign review" site, so in a simliar way we have "code review" (which is heavily opinion based), we could also have "crowdfunding review", basically spotting one or two problems is still opinion based but much more narrow than general questions.. or not? :) – GameDeveloper Feb 13 at 15:52
I slightly disagree for Code Review, reviews are supposed to be factually supported, even if there's different level of review, they are not just answerer opinion but have some guidelines behind or serious factual issues. For this kind of campaign, I feel there'll be as much answer as people reading the question, even if there's some points non debatable I don't think it would fit the Q/A format. Obviously that's just my opinion :) – Tensibai Feb 13 at 16:03
Well good point :). Anyway I think a Kickstarter campaign is nothing more than marketing. But infact I see no "marketing" related SE sites, and that supports your opinion. Thanks for feedback :) – GameDeveloper Feb 13 at 16:13
Maybe this proposal ? – Tensibai Feb 13 at 16:20
Or this one, and see this meta in Startups.SE which seems to go in the way of accepting this kind of questions. – Tensibai Feb 13 at 16:23
And to go at root, did you try asking on Startups SE Meta if this kind of questions are on topic for them or not ? that would help clearing the concern. – Tensibai Feb 13 at 16:25

Yes, if we find some Financial Advisors or Promoters which are willing to spent some time to support the site and to give truly business proposals to the followers.

Whatever this site becomes (if anything) it will not be a place to advertise campaigns and find funders. – Catija Feb 15 at 22:18

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