Proposal: Case CATalyst Help

There are already lots of private groups on facebook for CATalyst help, how will this site be better?


Case CATalyst Help on Stack Exchange will be better because it is centered around a question and answer design. This is not Facebook, it is not a forum, it is strictly question and answer.

Some of the drawbacks to using Facebook include:

  • Facebook groups are private
  • Lots of wrong answers
  • Lots of unrelated comments detracting from the real answer
  • Lack of search ability in order to find the correct answer again at a later date

By using a Stack Exchange website we will gain:

  • A public space where anyone can ask and answer questions
  • A way to vote up common questions and answers
  • A way to accept the correct answer and mark it as correct
  • Questions will be archived and searchable in Google
  • A way to bring court reporters, captioners, scopists, and students together
  • Users will gain points for helpful questions and answers

Here is a great link that shows how Stack Exchange sites work:

Feel free to chime in and share your thoughts below.


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