Proposal: Urbanism
Proposal: Urban Planning

Literally everything related to cities (and more!) will find a place at Urban Planning! :)

I removed my proposal and joined yours, but I think my name is better. Urban Planning sounds so clinical. – iterationx Jan 26 at 22:49
@patrick Yeah... Naming is difficult. Technically, "Planning" is the professional term, but it's a little bit hard. Pretty sure there was a discussion somewhere :) – Zizouz212 Jan 26 at 23:15
@iterationx I think Urban Planning is better because it involve more of the technical components of city building. Dealing with infrastructure, zoning, municipal infrastructure and the sort means the topic is applicable to areas that aren't strictly urban. Urbanism, on the other hand, is pretty much defined by interest in big dense cities, and is sort of set in opposition to suburbanism, in particular. So in this case, I think the clinical name is good for expanding the scope and heading off anti-city types at the pass. – kingledion Mar 2 at 17:08

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