Actually the site definition or title is

Proposed Q&A site for linguists, teachers and students of the Arabic Language

I'd add (native or fluent) speakers in this definition.

Of course as Arabic (i mean standard or fasih Arabic) isn't widely practiced language and these days has reached the level of "latin" one could discuss whether "native speaker" is the correct definition. But I guess none or only few of us are teachers or linguists!

I hope for helpful contributions!

Proposal: Arabic language (اللغة العربية)

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According to a source cited in , there are “six general principles that relate to the definition of native speaker”. The way in which the other principles apply to the very peculiar standard Arabic case could be debatable, but principle number 5 is unmistakable:

The individual identifies with or is identified by a language community.

So you might want to be precise and add “people who identify with the Arabic language community” in the site definition, but I am in favor of your original wording “native speakers” and leave the details for questions which will be among the most popular of the site, for sure.

As for me, my knowledge of Arabic is rudimental, but I’d like to improve it. Therefore I am supporting this site proposal.


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