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Requests for a translation are explicitly off-topic on all Stack Exchange language sites, for the obvious reason that Stack Exchange is not a free translator service. Similarly, simple word translations are frowned upon, as these can be handled by a dictionary.


  • how a particular phrase (especially idiomatics or entendres) would be or is typically translated,

  • which of several potential translations (suggested and explained in the question itself - this follows the "show your working" principle applied by most Stack Exchange sites) makes the most correct sense,

  • to clarify some confusion between the expected translation of a word and the given form in a dictionary,

should be acceptable.

Less likely to be left open are confirmations that a given translation is correct, especially if this is part of a formal learning course or for non-personal use, but that's up to the community to decide, where its boundary will be.


I'd say if OP is addressing a meaning of a word or an expression it should be on-topic, as one could assume that the questioner has done some effort before to understand the sentence or meaning of a paragraph.

For example I've encountered the following sentence: Now I'd like to know the meaning of the expression "X" ...
Or I'd like to know what word "X" means ...
Can I replace word "X" with word "Y" or expression Z without changing the meaning of the sentence ...
Why word "X" is used here instead of word "Y" ...

But for example translating a whole text or sentence should not be on-topic, as this might end up as an opinion-based answer. For each word or expression you'll already find a couple of synonyms, translating a sentence or more would be too extensive with only small benefit!

Also note that translating questions would show no own effort in finding a solution.


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