Proposal: Weapons

I just spit balling here but Weapons would be great place to discuss all types of weapons on the level of the individual fighter soldier. Adding in Nukes, battleships, and everything possibly used in war is far to broad. Keeping it on the level of the individual whether as a lone wolf or part of a bigger unit provides plenty of range and discussion. Topics in the spectrum could include: -Firearms: which is best, best caliber or disadvantages of certain calibers in certain situations, modification of firearms, technical questions and cleaning of them. -Hand to Hand Weapons: From knife to improvised, tactics with weapons in CQB (close quarters battle) -Tactics as individual or unit in any setting and against any foe you can imagine. -Means to disable mobile armored vehicles, drones, and all other sorts of mechanized foes. I could go on but you get the picture. What is everyones opinion for this as a direction for the weapons proposal?

Any kind of suggestion that "which is best?"-type questions should be an accepted topic, is more than a little suspect. As for it being too broad, there is little enough activity already, and there is a much more well-reasoned suggestion of merging this along with the Firearms proposal into Arms & Armour. – Nij Jan 24 at 11:28


Take Stack Overflow as an example. They are about every programming language under the sun. Just because there's a lot of info doesn't mean that we need to have separate sites for it.

Counteroffer: let's have a few different tags instead, to sort things out. E.g. , (for the nukes :) ), , (missiles, etc), , etc.


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