While one could certainly make a case for putting a proposal related to Conway's Game of Life in the Life category, I think it is misleading to do so, as this really isn't the type of "Life" that the category is intended to be about. Moreover, I would imagine that this proposal would be seeing much more activity if it were listed under Science, or possibly Technology. What, if anything should be done about this?

Second, what degree of a consensus would be necessary to change this? Or does it need the permission of the proposal's creator?

Proposal: Cellular Automaton

Science seems like a better fit, but it certainly should be shifted out of Life. – Nij Jan 21 at 22:15
Shifted to Science. Here's the link. area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/107589/… – Baaing Cow Mar 14 at 16:44

Agreed. Seems like this may be part of why the proposal isn't making much headway: not enough science/technology people are seeing it. Offhand I don't see how anyone but the original author could make that change. Anyone know Area51 secrets that I don't?

While we're at it, I kind of think the proposal name should be the plural, too -- Cellular Automata -- but that might be a little too nitpicky.


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