Proposal: Militaria

Military equipment like headgear,tactical vest. For example, a user asks

  • Does vest 'A' commonly used by country 'A' effective for a soldier?

Like the topic will mostly revolve around with the soldier's/military's equipment stuff,but still discussing about how it will affect the soldier's performance, etc. Is these considered as off-topic?

Post it as Example question, see how it fares – Helmar Jan 20 at 17:22
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Not off topic at all! I would welcome such a question on Militaria.

I second this, as long as it doesn't result in "who has better . . . " as I feel these questions would be too opinion based to provide a solid answer (Granted, this type of question can happen with most things military, not just equipment). Other than that I'd enjoy seeing some equipment based questions. – lewis Feb 8 at 10:33

This would be on-topic.

The things that a soldier is asked to wear and carry directly affects his ability to fight. It affects how easily he can be seen. It helps determine how soon he will tire out and how far and fast he will be able to move. How much water and food he needs is a very important factor for many reasons, and what he wears and carries helps define this.

Comparisons with history, other services, and other countries are all very interesting indeed.


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