I've come here searching for tipps n' tricks regarding SEO. I later found the answers I was looking for on SO. Which brings me to my Question: What will 'Google' be about? I imagine:

What would the focus be on?

Proposal: Google


SEO (in general) as well as Adwords and AdSense are already on-topic at Web Masters.

Android, including Google Glasses, is already the main topic for Android Enthusiasts.

Maps, Docs, News, Google+, Blogger, Hangouts, Gmail (at least the web applications and not the smartphone apps) are already on-topic at Web Apps.

So that does beg the question: What will this proposed site be about?

Oh, by the way, the driverless cars have been spun off into their own company: Waymo. So, presumably, they would be off-topic at a site for Google "stuff".

In conclusion: this proposal is useless as duck – RaisingAgent Feb 10 at 22:43
That means we need to get a proper definition for Google so that it would have a chance of becoming a site – Kritixi Lithos Mar 4 at 14:24

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