For example when I have a picture of a building and I am curious who was the architect or where it is built.
Or I have only a building design (probably also a picture) and I am curious if it was ever completed somewhere.

Should similar question be present on this site?

Proposal: Architecture & Home design

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Travel, Aviation, Board & Card Games all do this for landmarks, aircraft, hardcopy games respectively, so a precedent exists.

There's no reason Architecture & Home Design couldn't do a similar thing, as long as the object to be identified would be on-topic if known already.

That is, asking about blueprints or notable architecture is obviously within scope, but asking about natural structures or vehicle designs would not be acceptable.


I'd say yes and yes. Though you should have first tried (Google's) reverse image search. And also be prepared that if the building is not that well known or not located in a reasonably sized city (a cottage you saw while driving through desert), it may not be recognized.


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