Proposal: 3D Graphics

We have already this site:
and this site too:
What advantages could give us this new stackexchange over computergraphics and graphics design instead of adding new tags in that exchange communities?

In my opinion we don't - the sites are becoming too over-specific. – EJoshuaS Jan 19 at 8:17 is about algorithms. It is for computer graphics researchers and programmers. is about design. For some reason there are lots of questions related to Illustrator, Photoshop and other 2D apps, but nobody asks questions related to 3D there. Also see this question: Is this a duplicate of Graphic Design?

This would be for users of 3D software. The closest to this is actually, but that is too specific.

Possibly the name should be changed, see this: Naming (near) duplicate: 3D Computer Graphics and Computer Graphics


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