Other language sites on Stack Exchange follow a similar format with their names:

  • German Language Stack Exchange,
  • Esperanto Language Stack Exchange,
  • Italian Language Stack Exchange,
  • Russian Language Stack Exchange,
  • Lojban, the logical language Stack Exchange

Lojban sticks out like a sore thumb. Why should it have a blurb in it's name? No other sites do; that's what the site description is for. I propose that this site proposal be renamed to closer fit the names of other language sites.

Other reasons for the name change:

  • As Emrakul pointed out, Lojban is not the logical language; there are many other languages that are logical, including Loglan.

If you have a reason for the name change, or a reason against, post a comment or an answer!

It's also not the logical language, anyway. Much to the chagrin of many people in the lojban community, loglan still exists, as do others. – Emrakul Jan 25 at 6:04

It has been almost two months since the original discussion was posted, so the name is now Lojban Language.


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