Proposal: Good Judgement and Sound Decision Making (Forecasting, Predictions, Valuation and Estimates)

This is based on Superforecasting based on the The Good Judgment Project. Some of these techniques used by Intelligence Community (IC) [e.g. Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity] and Defence Agencies on a daily basis. In this case want to see there would be like minded people who want to do this recreation than IC / Defence related activity.

Perhaps if the above name and description may be confusing please suggest something new. Also if interested in taking the challenge of perfecting your judgement and decision making skills please join.


Change the name to forecasting, estimation or something similar; good judgment is too general a term, as is sound decision making.

If the term "superforecasting" is free from copyright/trademark and other intellectual monopoly problems, you might even use that.

Superfocasting has a (TM) -, also good judgement has a (R) – Suminda Sirinath S. Dharmasena Jan 12 at 16:28
@SumindaSirinathS.Dharmasena Okay, you should not use them, then. – Tommi Brander Jan 12 at 16:31
I changed the title. Also perhaps you can contribute some questions. – Suminda Sirinath S. Dharmasena Jan 12 at 16:33

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