Will the content of the old Literature proposal be re-imported into this one?

Proposal: Literature

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Not automatically, no.

If there are some questions from the old Literature proposal which you feel are particularly good and worthy of being on the new site, you can always manually re-post them on the new site (preferably with attribution to whoever posted them on the old one).

Robert Cartaino explains this here:

generally speaking, you don't want to start a new site with questions imported from elsewhere.

Thanks, I read the linked post and I'm convinced by the argument that imported content will lack ownership. That's fine with me. I have no problem asking my questions again if needed. – martin jakubik Jan 10 at 13:54
@martin But you aren't committed to the current proposal? – rand al'thor Jan 10 at 14:03
to tell the truth, I'm demotivated by the failure of the last one... – martin jakubik Jan 10 at 14:14
@martinjakubik I think there are reasons to be optimistic about the new proposal. I hope you participate! – Hamlet Jan 10 at 22:33
@martin I agree with Hamlet. See also How will Literature be run different this time? I'm hyped for this - can't wait for the new site to start up! :-) – rand al'thor Jan 10 at 22:38

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