Perhaps those following this TiddlyWiki SE proposal aren't familiar with the Stack Exchange model (a good possibility, looking at sidebar "demographics" of followers to date).

There are currently 39 supporters, each able to "vote up" five questions. That's a total of 195 votes. Yet, also currently, only 109 votes have been registered on questions! So close to half of the voting capacity is unused.

That Question for President in 2017!!

Proposal: TiddlyWiki

Voting up on bad questions just to get the number of net 10+ questions up, or to say you've used all the up votes, is harmful to the proposal. It means you start without legitimate quality and it prevents those votes being used on legitimate questions immediately. – Nij Jan 6 at 13:05
@Nij You can always "move" your votes (I always do when I see one that I've UV'ed go >10). Perhaps you (or others?) aren't aware of this? And, IMO, (!) there are plenty of "good" questions languishing with very few votes. My concern is that a number of "followers" this proposal has attracted aren't familiar with the "model", thus my post. – Davïd Jan 6 at 13:47
@JamesJenkins This post is not about "gaming the system" (thanks for the link), but rather about inducting a body of followers who appear to be unfamiliar with the SE model. Note the very low %s participating in other proposals, or active on SO/SE sites. It seems to me it is fair to encourage a voting culture: as a long time participant on Beta sites, it seems the lesson could sometimes bear repeating. – Davïd Jan 6 at 13:51
Perhaps it's more effective to rephrase the question title as call-to-actions like this one – ento Jan 7 at 5:26
@JamesJenkins The way Area51 works may be unfamiliar even to seasoned users of other SE sites. Take a look at the proposal stats, for example (at its 3rd incarnation). – Dan Cornilescu Jan 10 at 17:18
@DanCornilescu things like that are what made me offer the suggestion Should the default sort be changed to newest? – James Jenkins Jan 10 at 17:40
I actually read the post linked from James's first comment ant its accepted answer now (!), and I'm sold on this: "Your 100 experienced SE users should not have difficulty figuring out what needs to happen, so there no added value in asking or telling people how to vote. .. if you move through [the Definition phase] with the minimum of 80 people, then you only have 12 months to attract the other 120 people you will need to complete the Commitment, this puts the proposal at a disadvantage" - then perhaps the question is: how to attract experienced SE users and/or encourage folks to earn reps – ento Jan 11 at 3:46
@DanCornilescu : Fully agree with your "The way Area51 works may be unfamiliar even to seasoned users" ... I still keep trying to understand this bizarre Area51 thing ... Nevertheless, 3rd incarnation seems to be the one moving forward (as per its public beta since a few hours), no? – Pierre.Vriens 2 days ago

Maybe the followers of the proposal don't believe that any of the proposed questions are good? So instead of encouraging people to upvote you might instead want to encourage people to post more example questions.

You might also want to consider to delete any of your own questions which fail to attract upvotes and think of more interesting questions instead.

As a user who has helped with several Area51 proposals, I would say that we know the scope of our site, and out of all the questions there, only two (as far as I know) are considered off topic. Most of the questions there are well within the scope of the site. – Arlen Beiler Jan 8 at 12:42
@ArlenBeiler Yes, but are the questions interesting? The definition phase is also for proving that the topic is sufficiently broad and interesting. When a proposal fails to collect enough example questions the community considers upvote-worthy, then the topic might not actually be interesting enough to attract and maintain a healthy community. – Philipp Jan 9 at 15:19
I continue to observe that 2/3rds of followers of this proposal are only following this one on Area51, and that 80% (roughly) appear not to be active in the SO/SE network. Explaining how things work under such circumstances still seems to me to be a reasonable thing to do. And I concur with Arlen that there are a number of good questions not being UV'ed. FWIW ... my £0.02. – Davïd Jan 10 at 12:55
@Davïd Area51 is old and not a good representation of of SE for new users. Ultimately you will have a higher impact on the proposals successful launch if you encourage your 2/3s to learn more about SE in general. Passing Definition phase is the easiest step, the next two require more users with more SE experience. If you pass definition without enough SE experience in your followers, you doom the proposal. – James Jenkins Jan 10 at 13:26

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