The Singularity is a prediction that is pursuant to a theory of evolutionary processes, and exponential growth. So is the topic of this stack exchange the prediction itself, or the concepts and theories that lead to such predictions?

What happened when you posted an example question about evolution? – James Jenkins Jan 4 at 13:49
This is an open question for the Singularity proposal, a single example question doesn't really clarify the issue. – Joshua Kolden Jan 4 at 21:33
You can write 5, it does not look like you have written any so far, the point of this phase of the proposal is to write example questions. – James Jenkins Jan 5 at 0:47
Thanks, but I did not 'create a new discussion' by mistake. Proposals such as this are ambiguous, oddly specific, yet poorly defined. For example is this proposal about fun ideas and speculation (as the summery suggests, a la the Speculative Natural Science proposal), or for Q&As of people working in the field? This strongly impacts who will follow and what type of example questions will be suggested. This begs discussion, as it has elsewhere. See any number of other ambiguous proposals for similar questions of scope, the Nutrition proposal for example. – Joshua Kolden Jan 5 at 5:19

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