Proposal: Non-alcoholic beverages

According to Wikipedia: Alcohol free, or non-alcoholic beverages, are non-alcoholic versions of typically alcoholic beverages.

But on this potential site, I would like to see questions about all drinks without alcohol. Is there a better description for it?

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I would change the name to beverages. I would not limit the scope to exclude beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine, or any specific type of beverage. If people make, modify and drink it, it is in scope.

There are at least 3 proposals that have reached beta launch for subsets of the larger group "Beverages"

While questions for topics would be in scope on either site, I would encourage initial efforts at 40 example questions to stay away from coffee, beer, etc. Not because they are out of scope, but because you need to show the beverage site can prosper without being dependent on questions that also fit on existing sites.

I changed the title to Beverages, probably you are right about that. – TGar Jan 1 at 16:26

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