Proposal: Numismatics

Pretty brief: would questions related to stamp collecting/philately be on topic here?


I'm reasonably certain that coins are not stamps and stamps are not coins.

Nothing stops you from

  • proposing a philately SE separately

  • arguing for the numismatics proposal to be broadened (P&N or even just Collecting)

  • asking for a merger of numismatics and philately

  • or, even better, trying all three.


I would post a qood example question about stamp collecting/philately in the comments include a link to this question. If the stamp example question does well, I would then modify the proposals name and scope. If the example question is not well received, the answer is no.

Edit 12/30/2016 I posted a stamp question; Does the forever stamps (US) have any design elements that indicate the postage cost at the time of printing?


Like Nij said, it would probably be best to propose a new philately SE instead of trying to combine it with this proposal. There's a very healthy interest in philately, so any proposal made for a philately SE will probably be popular.

I've attempted to create one, but it vanished. – NoahM Mar 20 at 17:34

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