Are questions about a narrow niche of Hebrew language history in scope? I'm sure questions about the historical development of the language as a whole would be in scope (I hope). But would a historical question that is more about the context in which the language was known or used be in scope on this site, as opposed to a site whose focus was that historical context?


I found a document from 12th c. France that refers to a Hebrew text. Would that text have been intelligible to contemporary readers of the document?

This could be appropriate on the history SE or the France SE, or the French history SE.

Was Hebrew verbalized by residents of Baghdad in the 1700s?

This could go on a similar set to those in the previous example, or on the phonology SE.

Proposal: Hebrew Language

I say yes, but I'm just the proposer, what do I know? – Mithrandir Dec 28 '16 at 10:47
The obvious answer is that we need a Hebrew history SE. – Camil Staps Jan 2 at 22:55

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