Proposal: Dutch Language

One of the questions I proposed is

Are there any online courses for Dutch as it is spoken in Flanders/Belgium?

It immediately got a downvote without an explanation why it got downvoted. Are questions about learning Dutch considered off-topic? (Should I ask them on Language Learning SE instead?)

Note that not all questions about learning a languages are requests for references or resources. In that sense, the above question is not representative.


The only reason I can think of is that usually Q&A asking for, or leading to references are discouraged. I did not down-vote BTW.

More people find it confusing, see Are questions about Hebrew learning resources are welcome?.

While the specific question I quoted asks for resources, not all questions about learning are questions for resources. – Christophe Strobbe Jan 8 at 21:19
@Christophe Strobbe, I'm kind of giving up on Area51 because this is happening all the time...(unexplained but frequent down-votes) – Bookeater Jan 8 at 22:14
One reason for discouraging questions asking for references is that they are usually list-type questions: where there is no singular correct answer. There will be multiple answers, each of them OK in their own right, where none is better than any other, and you get arguments over which one is best etc. That is not what the StackExchange networks wants to be; it's trying to be a Q&A site, a reference for answers with correct answers. Not a discussion forum. – Dhr Lijster Feb 11 at 7:51
The question is not about "questions asking for references" but "questions related to learning Dutch". It's probably better, if you want to solicit feedback on questions asking for references to ask a separate question about that. – Dominic Cronin Mar 13 at 19:05

As the proposal states: "Proposed Q&A site for students, teachers and linguists wanting to discuss the Dutch language.", I'd think references to learning resources would be a good thing. So I'd say they'd be welcome.

And seeing as people are already voting for the "Not welcome" answer, I suppose we'd better have one that says "welcome".


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