I have seen many different proposals come through recently for specific countries/regions... there was one for the UK, Italy, France, Canada... etc.

My question is, would this even fit into the Stack Exchange model? They seem like they'd be very broad, encompassing all sorts of topics, many of which are already sites. Sample questions have included topics on

  • Law
  • History
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Cooking

Are we going to have (potentially) 195 country-specific sites?

Stack Exchange generally has a review process as a site reaches commitment phase to determine whether a site can be viable and is a good addition to the Stack Exchange Network of sites.

So, as we have some guidelines on what sorts of sites are not acceptable, I'd like to know if this sort of site would be considered to be a good fit for the Network.

Cool question: Is Quebec in-scope on the Canada proposal? ;) – anonymous2 Jan 5 at 21:29

Have you ever seen one get past the definition phase? (Answer = no) There is nothing wrong with proposals, that is what Area51 is for. We could make a rule that only proposals that will result in launched sites, that succeed are allowed in Area51, but then we would not need Area51.

There have been about as many discuss.area51 posts to limit proposals to exclude one type of proposal or another as there have been country specific proposals.

There are currently 162 active sites on Stack Exchange. In the beginning no reasonable person expected this level of growth. Just because a site has not launched successfully yet does not mean we should exclude it.

If 195 country proposals can get through the process and launch, that is fine.

That doesn't answer my question. The CMs actively prevent some proposals from becoming sites. I'm trying to ascertain whether the CMs would even allow a beta country site. – Catija Dec 16 '16 at 13:00
The only way to find out, is to take a country proposal through the steps, you can't know what the out come will be until you get there. Even if a country proposal gets to beta and fails, that does not mean the next will fail. There is a long history of country proposals not becoming sites, but that does not mean one won't. Your question is still asking "in the future will SE choose not launch a country site where it is other wise meeting the launch criteria?" and that question can't be answered, until the proposal is at that point, and the same for the next proposal regardless of topic. – James Jenkins Dec 16 '16 at 13:35
You are missing my point. Some sites are prevented from going to beta, period, even if they get the required interest. Some site proposals are immediately closed because they don't fit the SE model. If the CMs aren't going to allow country-based sites because they also don't fit the model, it seems like it would be worth doing the same thing... Close them before people get invested. And if they do fit, then they can keep going through the process. I'm trying to facilitate that conversation. – Catija Dec 16 '16 at 13:46
@Catija I think we both believe the other is missing our point. You are suggesting there is enough information currently available to make a decision. I am suggesting there is not enough information to make the decision. Think about the religious sites, how do the fit the original SE model? But they exist now. – James Jenkins Dec 16 '16 at 13:54
Religious sites are about one, defined subject with a group of experts. Country sites are not. They require politics experts, history experts, travel experts, law experts... Etc – Catija Dec 16 '16 at 13:59
@Catija, SO requires Java experts, C# experts, Python experts, etc. SuperUser requires Windows experts, Networking experts, Hardware experts, etc. Mechanics.SE requires Auto experts, Tractor experts, Small motor experts, etc. "Canada" requires Political experts, Historical experts, Law experts, etc. What holds each site together is a common interest. – anonymous2 Jan 5 at 21:40
Religious sites have Politics, law and history also but much like a country proposal they specialize around one theme, a religion, a country, etc – James Jenkins Jan 6 at 10:28

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