Proposal: ERP software

It seems like this proposed site could have an awful lot of crossover with Stack Overflow and Super User, both of which already have tags for many ERP systems like Dynamics and SAP. There are probably other sites in the SE network which also contain questions relating to ERP systems from other perspectives I'm sure.

How is the intention of this site different to any existing site?


Regarding overlap with Stackoverflow: Customizing and extending ERP systems through programming is just one aspect of many you can have questions about.

Regarding overlap with I believe that a SE site about ERP systems would more appeal to the administrators than to the business users. This is a sufficiently complex and specialized area to justify an own site.

Thanks for the reply. Just trying to understand your point about SuperUser. Would you say that Excel (for example) is also a sufficiently complex and specialized area to justify a separate site? Or is there some fundamental difference in your eyes between this proposal and a fictional one where "ERP" is replaced with something like "Excel"? – 3N1GM4 Jan 5 at 21:03
@3N1GM4 I supported a Microsoft Office proposal which was on area51 once, if that's what you mean. But I understand people who say that MS Office is "common enough" to be lumped under Superuser. However, ERP software is clearly beyond the (admittedly subjective) "common enough" line for me. Especially because with ERP systems there is a clear distinction between mere users who use them to get work done and administrators who configure and maintain them so that others get work done on them. – Philipp Jan 5 at 21:08
@3N1GM4 I suspect that the difference between Excel (for example) being specialized and ERP is that Excel, et al., is userland stuff. An SE site for ERP sees to be for administering ERP systems, not using them. Just as Server Fault is about running a server, not accessing one. – Gypsy Spellweaver Jan 31 at 7:07

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