Proposal: Relationships was closed after just a couple of days in BETA.

How is this site different from Relationships&Dating site, and why would it succeed where the former failed?


There are lot of differences. Before going to list them out, let me explain something. Relationships&Dating is all about love and living together kind of questions. Those questions cannot be generalized to a greater extent and leads to massive debates in the answers section rather than productive ones.

Pros of Relationships are vast. For example, take your relationship with your father and it is not working out well. This kind of problems can be easily expressed and addressed without much confrontation. And, vast variety of relationships can be discussed with ease and can be shared with entire world.


As others have said, this proposal seems to be broader than the prior one.  In fact, it might be so broad that it now overlaps several existing sites.

In case It’s not clear, I suspect that this site would have an uphill struggle to find a sufficient community of members, and that it might collapse back into being little more than a Relationships&Dating retread.

Disclosure: I am not a member of any of the communities I listed above, so I’m not sure what’s on-topic there and what isn’t.


This proposal is different because it covers a wider area.

It's aim is to cover any relationship and interaction with persons close to the question asker (e.g. the family, friends, partners).

While you answered "how is it different" to an extent, the more important "and how will that lead to better success" isn't answered. As a matter of fact, IMHO "wider area" would be more likely to fail than former proposal, as the scope being too-narrow clearly wasn't the main reason for old site failures, it was already pretty broad scoped – DVK Dec 14 '16 at 18:27
Since I wasn't on SE when the last proposal started(and ended) I don't know why it actually failed. If you could explain me why, then I could think of a solution. Any suggestion is always appreciated. – A.Danzi Dec 15 '16 at 9:34

It seems to me that the more important reason Relationships & Dating had failed was because there hadn't been a big enough pool of questions (a ratio of 5.2 out of 10 questions a day).

How to keep this one from failing would be to build a bigger base of questions.

This would attract users, and from there we could also improve on the other reason R&D had failed: a lack of core users.

As was once said in a Kevin Costner movie, "If you build it, they will come."

Meanwhile, I think that the original R&D site should just be re-opened, but I'm not familiar enough with SE to know if this is how things work here. – Teacher KSHuang Jan 24 at 8:33

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