Proposal: Film & TV Sound Recording

Seems like this is all covered by

Questions like this would be suitable in both, along with the majority of sound design's questions


Had this discussion with Rob Cortaino recently - "Sound Design" and "Film/TV Sound Recording" are like night and day in comparison. Film/TV is a specialist production craft whereas "sound design" is simply a catch all for anything to do with sound.

It's not going to draw the same audience at all. By specialising this craft we are going to draw in experts from the field of film/tv production sound that would not generally be attracted to the sort of material that is being covered in "sound design".

It will build audience, not siphon it. Certainly there will be some questions that have been asked in "sound design" that would be appropriate for the new forum, but that's to be expected as there isn't an alternative right now.

Can you give me a question that would be suitable in this proposed SE that would not fit in sound design? – 10 Replies Dec 1 '16 at 21:03
Of course, but It's not about whether a question "fits" into an existing SE or not - it's about refining the focus in order to grow the audience. If I was to apply this logic to the "Science" grouping for instance, I could create one SE for "general science" and assume that the whole scientific community would migrate there and be happy about it. Unfortunately that isn't going to be the case. – Mark Dec 2 '16 at 0:37
At the moment, the scope of "Sound Design" is so incredibly broad that it serves no useful purpose other than to answer "general" sound questions and attracts very few experts willing to spend their time answering these general questions. This is not the way to build and grow and audience. There isn't enough quid-pro-quo in a broad and general scenario such as this. – Mark Dec 2 '16 at 0:39
As someone who works in Film/TV sound I am acutely aware of this. Production sound is very much it's own craft - Light years away from Sound Design. There should also be an SE that covers Cinematography, but that will be for another day. – Mark Dec 2 '16 at 0:39
Hmm, I understand your reasoning, but, what about stack overflow? Java programming is very different from python, javascript or PHP. – 10 Replies Dec 2 '16 at 1:47
The difference is that programmers - as a general case - will work across many languages. This is absolutely not the case when dealing with sound - particularly in the Film/TV world. The crafts are very different - and lumping every "sound person" into the same SE will simply result in a lack of interest. By focussing an area, it is possible to attract interest and expertise around that craft that would otherwise not be willing to devote the time and effort into building knowledge. – Mark Dec 2 '16 at 2:29

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