Proposal: Weapons

Would discussing on laws about weapons in different countries be on topic, even if it overlaps Law SE?

Or should I only ask there?


I'd hope they were on-topic

Though, of course, any answers would need to be highly-cited, and disclaimed that they are not legal advice

I don't think individual answers should need to disclaim, if it's made clear by tag description and site overview that SE (and any particular SE community) do not offer legal advice nor should co tent be construed as such. – Nij Dec 7 '16 at 1:25

Since there's no straight-up 'Yes' answer...


With a tag (or or something)

The main difficulty I see is that laws are country-specific. Maybe include in the tag description that you should be sure to state your country of origin in the title and body of your question.

And as with all SE sites, we still don't want primarily opinion based questions/answers, so they would have to be based on fact.

This is what happens on Aviation.SE, you have to mention the country/regulatory body you're interested in or run the risk of closure. – Robert Feb 22 at 6:34

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