Proposal: Interpersonal Skills

Social media is a place where people can communicate, send each other pictures, etc. so It might be a topic that is brought up on a page like this.

However, communication on Facebook, Twitter, etc. is much looser than verbal communication, so there would be less to discuss, and it would probably encourage opinions.

This is just an idea, and also my first proposal for a Area 51 thing.

I don't see why not, and it's probably just as important to discuss as verbal communication because, depending on what you want to get out of it, the interaction parameters of the internet and social media can be far less-clear to some people. However, I'd like to see what anyone else might have to say about this. – Ravenstine Nov 25 '16 at 20:35
I like that we including all forms of communication. I hope that questions like these become on topic. – John Feb 18 at 1:58

I think that social interaction as a whole will have different viewpoints instead of single answers, but that this will not be problematic so long as people back up their answers with arguments, rather than simply making claims without backing them up.


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