Proposal: AWS

Doesn't Cloud Computing have the same content (professionals using AWS) as this proposal?

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To directly answer the question: the AWS proposal excludes other platforms and questions covered by the proposed Cloud Computing site.

The proposed AWS site could be considered a sub-community of the proposed Cloud Computing site. In my opinion, the two proposals should be merged.

According to Robert Cartaino, the Director of Community Development for Stack Exchange, there is a merge process for site proposals that involves a discussion tagged as a [change-request] and/or [merge-request] gaining a clear consensus. However, it looks like SE no longer physically merges proposals so not much would be gained by the process -- the activity points to Cloud Computing eventually winning out, though it will take longer than if the attention directed to 'AWS' had been wholly redirected to 'Cloud Computing' (in which case CC may have already passed the definition phase).

Thank you for the clarification. – Mark Yisri Nov 28 '16 at 18:07

The AWS proposal is for an AWS-specific site.

This Practical Cloud Computing proposal is for a multi-technology Cloud Computing proposal.

Both proposals seem to have the same top-level questions listed, possibly due to a magical way that Area 51 links information. However, the proposals have different definitions and "sample questions".

but can't Cloud Computing contain these AWS questions. – Mark Yisri Nov 26 '16 at 17:48
Yes, the Practical Cloud Computing proposal is for a combined site that includes AWS questions and those for other technologies. If you prefer a combined site, please join that proposal and up-vote some sample questions so that it progresses to the next phase of the proposal process. – John Rotenstein Jan 29 at 8:37

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