Proposal: Complex Networks

Somehow the new followers here do not realize that apart from joining the site, it is of great help to ask good example questions and upvote the existing ones. I think new followers should start asking new questions by clicking a link there. Also, upvoting greatly helps because we need 40 highly upvoted questions in all.

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I posted an RFC to the Pajek mailing list and to a variety of thematic groups on Linkedin. Are there any other places where NetSci people congregate?

Thanks for that. I did post it to SOCNET and graph-tool lists. Perhaps we should also try networkx mailing list. – Peaceful Nov 25 '16 at 9:26

For new users: You need to confirm your e-mail address to post questions and to cast votes. If you didn't do so, you will probably not have enough reputation.


Maybe they are just following to see where it goes. Maybe their two burning question were already posed. You cannot dictate how people voice their support of this site or you will have a lot less supporters.

Maybe they are not up voting more because they only found two or three interesting questions. Also consider that people can down vote unlimited so the up vote count may be a good chunk higher than you think.

Since all questions stem from a handful of users it might also be that the topic is just not interesting enough for enough people.

Nobody is setting conditions. It is ok to educate people who have never used SE before that being a follower of an emerging SE site is not enough. – DYZ Nov 28 '16 at 1:35
@DYZ actually if you need to educate the people on how to make the site move forward, doing so is likely to cause more harm to the proposal then good – James Jenkins Nov 28 '16 at 13:44
@JamesJenkins The link you provided is excellent - except that it supports my point of view. Area 51 is where most of non-SE (and non-technical-minded) users congregate. I cannot see how educating them about the procedures could harm any proposal. – DYZ Nov 28 '16 at 18:01
@DYZ according to your profile the only site where you have more then 100 rep is Area51. Familiarity with launched SE sites is the most important thing you can bring with you, if you want to support an Area51 proposal. – James Jenkins Nov 30 '16 at 18:57
@JamesJenkins: So what is wrong about discussing the fact that many followers don't know about asking questions and up-voting the existing ones? How can this be called as "setting conditions" for example? – Peaceful Jan 6 at 17:47
@Helmer: I can't understand how can this be an "answer" to what I wrote in the question. Many new users don't realize that they can ask examples questions or that it is beneficial to up-vote good questions. Telling them that this can be done (if they want!) can in no way be "setting conditions". Does anybody consider telling people that they have right to vote as setting the conditions? – Peaceful Jan 6 at 17:55
For example, is this or this upvoted question setting any condition? – Peaceful Jan 6 at 17:58
@Peaceful there are lots of words here but it boils down to; if followers can't figure it out on their own, you don't have the people yet to start the next phase. Ultimately you harm the proposal by encouraging voting. – James Jenkins Jan 6 at 18:11
@JamesJenkins : Yes of course. My question is different. How can telling the new users that they can ask questions if they want amounts to "setting conditions"? – Peaceful Jan 7 at 11:25

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