Proposal: Translating

I understand, that as of now, this site is only for questions about the methods and techniques of translation. Are actual translations between one language and another within the scope of this site or will that make the scope too broad?

They're off-topic for the single-definite language sites because people try to use them as free translation services, it drags down the quality of the content, it drives away experts, and they don't help anybody long-term beyond the original asker. I heavily oppose ignoring such a precedent in general - but if you want to deal with it, go nuts! – Nij Nov 17 '16 at 10:59

No, requests to "translate this for me…" would not be allowed.

This is a site for translators and those involved in the translation field; it's not a site for folks needing such services to drop by and ask, "Can you translate this text for me?"

This position is consistent with the rest of the network. Our single-language sites do not allow translation requests, and our more technical sites do not allow questions like "Can someone write this program for me?" This is a site for professionals and enthusiast in this field about this field. Creating a translation service for the general public would not be consistent with the audience targeted by this Q&A.


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