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Google Sheets is a broad topic as there are a web application, mobile apps for Android and iOS, add-ons, could be extended through Google Apps Script, it has its own API. At least four sites on SE network have tags related to Google Sheets. Details are included on a following section.


Could be possible to merge into this site all the end-user questions about Google Sheets? If so, could this proposal be promoted on the SE sites that has related tags?

Summary of the presence of Google Sheets on SE

(If a tag or site is missing please add it or mention them through comments)

Stack Overflow

  • Audience: Professional and enthusiasts programmers (IMHO enthusiast include end-users)
  • Related tags: google-spreadsheet, google-apps-script, google-sheets-api, google-spreadsheet-api, google-query-language, custom-function, google-apps (20,831 questions)

Web Applications

  • Audience: End Users of web applications
  • Related tags: google-spreadsheets, google-apps-script, google-spreadsheets-query, google-apps (3,295 questions)

Super User

  • Audience: End users of hardware and software
  • Related tags: google-spreadsheets (157 questions), google-apps, google-chrome-extensions

Android Enthusiasts

Ask Different

  • Audience: End users Apple hardware and software
  • Related tags: google-apps (35 questions)
Yeah, this is good catch up. – Div Nov 7 '16 at 16:48
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No, we are not going to gather up questions from around the network and move them to build a new site. I'm dubious, but (presumably) this site is supposed to be defining a new community that is not already served by the sites we have. So unless these questions were somehow deemed off topic on those other sites, we have no cause to remove content from another site — along with all the reputation/ownership that goes with it.

And, no… it is not appropriate to solicit followers on sites with related tags. With thousands of proposals vying for attention, this becomes unworkable very quickly. Any such posts/comments would be flagged and removed as spam. Some sites have "community promotion ads" where you can post such announcements, but if you are simply pulling in users who already are asking these questions on other sites, that does not bode well for this proposal.


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