This site proposal is currently called Practical cloud computing. Has anyone thought of potential other names for such a site?

In examining popular StackExchange sites, the names seem to be divided into:

  • Explanatory: Database Administrators, Ask Ubuntu, Mathematics, WordPress Development, Homebrewing, Bicycles
  • Quirky: Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Arqade, Ask Different
  • Something in-between: SuperUser, MathOverflow

Therefore, some ideas might be:

  • Practical Cloud Computing (as originally proposed)
  • Cloud Computing (shorter)
  • Cloud Overflow (taking advantage of the familiarity of the "Stack Overflow" name, as done with MathOverflow)
  • Cloud Questions
  • Cloud Services
  • Public Clouds
  • ... or some cute name based on clouds that we would all hate.

So... any other suggestions for a name that would encompass multi-vendor and multi-technology cloud Q&A?


Some ideas:

  • (cRowd-sourced cLoud!)

I would second CloudOverflow. I came looking for AWS specifically, but I would agree that including Azure, Digital Ocean, etc. is a good idea. Services like Rackspace that add another layer on top of a cloud platform would fit nicely here as well.

I like CloudOverflow -- it conveys the connection with StackOverflow. I don't know whether they allow that type of name, but we can try. – John Rotenstein Feb 21 at 1:00

Please note that the site title would have to be highly descriptive of the SUBJECT of this site. We are not looking for "clever" names and we will not be engaging in a naming debate; these have been too toxic —


How about Online Precipitation (


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