Proposal: Etiquette

Are historical forms of etiquette to be considered on topic?

For example:

What are the historical forms of medieval etiquette in Greece?

What were the differences in etiquette between the French and English courts of the 13th century?

If we do consider historical forms of Etiquette, then we will have to include etiquette of various nations from different time periods since etiquette's do undergo subtle/major changes depending upon the social scenario and regime/government. – Mitul Oct 29 '16 at 20:53
For similar things on other SE sites, converted: the tag historic-etiquette must be included along with appropriate-country/appropriate-region (and if it exists, time-period) in question. This information is then included in the tag description along with the usual briefing. – Nij Oct 30 '16 at 10:46

I don't know that your sample questions are particularly good... they both seem very broad... but, in general, I think historic etiquette should be a valid topic.

I can see this being of value to people writing novels set in historic times or even to role players/SCA enthusiasts.

Good examples might be

  • What was the appropriate way for a person of the merchant class to address French nobility in the 1540s?
  • In the 1300s England, what rules governed where someone was seated when dining at court?

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