Proposal: Weapons

Would questions about using an everyday object (that wouldn't normally be considered a weapon) as a weapon be on topic for Weapons?

I would think it's off topic, but want to clarify.

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Maybe. The scope is not settled enough yet. This is the kind of thing that gets brought up in meta, even several years later on a small public beta, when there is enough growth in the community to make the discussion necessary. Until then, it's probably best handled on a case-by-case basis subject to the usual criteria.

Remember, if it turns to be an undesired question (regardless of actual quality), it can always be locked or closed later by the community at the time.

Example questions were list-requests, and the second further requested subjective answers.

Both would probably be closed as too broad and the second would also be closed as primarily opinion-based, on the current Stack Exchange sites I am active on.

I would expect any proposal site to do similarly, to avoid going outside the operative philosophy of Stack Exchange.

However, specifying them further may help avoid this,

  • instead of how can [X] do [Y]?, give a particular case of X actually doing Y, and ask about its history or mechanism or such aspects

  • instead of asking what is the best [thing type]?, give some examples of those things and ask about objective methods for comparing them, or about objective evidence whether a particular thing is or is not effective.

You've taken the question literally. The point I was trying (and failing) to make is, are questions about every day items being used as weapons to be considered on topic. – Robert Oct 21 '16 at 12:16
That's what I responded to, and the answer is "maybe - but almost surely not like that". Exact scope and handling borderline cases is something that has to be determined further on. The proposal has only 19 supporters and 19 questions now - there's a long way to go yet. – Nij Oct 21 '16 at 12:28

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