Proposal: Militaria

are games / simulations, both physical and virtual, to be considered on topic?

I ask this after searching for a proposal on one and the closest I found was 'Battle Simulation' with three followers. This feels like it could be merged quite neatly with this proposal given that these topics are so heavily related to militaristic tendencies, and games such as Airsoft are enjoyed by many military enthusiasts.

In summary I generally feel it's an area that isn't yet covered and is an easy target to appropriately increase the scope of the proposal, therefore targeting a wider audience and interest from the community.

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Virtual battle simulations (e.g. tank simulators, immersive VR combat, first person shooters, virtual strategy games) used for military or police training would most likely be on-topic for Arqade since they are effectively educational video games. Virtual simulations of non-combat workplace scenarios, such as flight simulators used for training commercial pilots, should also work there.

Non-virtual battle simulations such as airsoft, paintball, laser tag, and karate and other martial arts should be on-topic for Sports.SE.

Just remember, the enemy's gate is down.

"Karate and martial arts" are better sent to Martial Arts SE. There have been two questions and six answers under airsoft in the last two years, exactly one Q&A pair under paintball and nothing under lastertag ever on Sports SE, but they were accepted by dint of being about sports aspects. Aviation SE does handle questions about flight simulation as their scope includes enthusiasts and technical aspects (basically if aircraft are involved they'll take it)(take once with 2.2 grams of salt), but will not accept strictly militaria-based questions. – Nij Oct 19 '16 at 8:49
While I find this a perfectly valid answer and has actually helped me greatly in finding a place for these questions, I still feel as though the current areas for these topics aren't quite 100% suitable. For example, ArmA, is mainly dominated by DayZ and other arcade style spin offs / offspring on Arqade SE where as there is a severe lack of questions regarding the realistic and original purpose of the game. Same with Airsoft where questions here would be focused much more towards immersion, realism and tactics. – lewis Oct 19 '16 at 12:00
I certainly consider battle simulations as on topic. I posted a question about that already. "Is it true that each time the US Naval War College analyzes/models the Battle of Midway, they conclude that Japan should have won?" – RichS Jan 21 at 6:00

When the US Army (for one) does realistic battle training, there is often times a simulated part to the exercise. Military personnel in this training are not allowed to act as if the simulated part can be ignored. They have to act as if it's all real. To that extent, I would vote that simulations -- and all questions regarding their support and use -- are on-topic.


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