Drones, in my experience, generally refer to radio controlled multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (correct me if I am wrong), as such I would be put-off from asking a question on this site about, say, RC planes.

Would this site accept questions about other RC vehicles, such as

  • R/C Boats
  • R/C Planes
  • R/C Helicopters
  • R/C land-based vehicles

or would these be off-topic for this proposed site? I think it would be more useful if we could have a single resource where all R/C hobbyist/enthusiasts can go and have their question answered, as a lot of questions to do with the underlying R/C stuff will be shared across all platforms - at least in my limited experience.

Proposal: Drones


Maybe-maybe not. The site is in development and the whole process of development is defining with questions what the likely scope of the site might look like. The best way to see if related R/C stuff will fly is to ask some example questions to see how the people interested in the proposal think about it.

Even if these types of questions are not received as well as you like, there is some chance that they will be accepted in this site after it boots. There was an R/C proposal awhile back. It almost went and believe it has rebooted. It was suggested that the proposal might be more viable if it was more geared toward modeling, kit airplanes, making all those great R/C things like boats etc. That way besides just radios would could include building and other related things.

After this proposal gets to beta there will be a lot of discussion about what is on or off topic. The R/C aspects of flying a drone cross over with non drone types of R/C things, especially for people whom are home building there own drones. However what kind of paint to use on a R/C model maybe not be considered so on topic. But maybe after a year or so in beta and the site is only getting 6 questions a week, they may get a little more creative about what is oe is not on topic.


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